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Thanks for visiting...and welcome. Please see the Discography page for details on how to purchase my albums "These Things", "It's All Good" and "All and Everything". There's also a Live Dates page to find out where I'm playing next. Hope to see you there.

Pete Morley


February 2024 - Greetings. Looking to get out and play more solo and duo gigs this year beyond the Last Call Band. Not to diminish the band in any way as we are having more success and fun than ever, but just to stretch and highlight my solo work, The Finn Project with Tim Porterfield, and do some other fun things.

September 2022 - Greetings...well, the sifting through songs took a lot longer than I thought, then COVID hit, and here we are. I hope you are all doing well!!!

I'm excited to say that my 3rd album is here!!! It's available on Bandcamp and is now available on ITunes and your favorite streaming services. The Bandcamp link is Thank you for your continued support.

There are instrumental bits scattered throughout to set the tone for the recording and for the individual songs as well. And as usual, the songs are all over the board...beginning with a nod to the life changing people and places you meet "On The Way", my love/hate relationship reading Stephen King novels, a jazz trio ala Vince Guaraldi, a fateful game of RISK, a wedding song I wrote for my daughter and son in law, and a hopeful song for the future called "Here's a Song for The Kids of the Kids Out There". Recorded at Billy Gewin's Cave Cricket Studio in Tucker, GA with Dave Anthony on drums, myself on keyboards/vocals and Billy on everything else, including background vocals. Hope you enjoy!!!

February 2018 - Happy New Year folks...hope you are well. In the process of sifting through songs for a new CD project. So stay tuned...appreciate the continued support!!!

Second CD is now available...see Live Dates page for upcoming CD release parties and other dates. The finished product "is AMAZING." Thanks to all of the players that contributed their time and talent to the CD and for Steve's guidance on seeing it through. 13 songs and over 55 minutes in length...what I'm most proud of is the variety and breadth of the songs we selected. The songs, written between 2006 and 2013, run the emotional roller coaster. From the opening song "Maurer Hill" about flying kites in a simpler time in Northern California, to a woman grappling with dementia and moving out of her home in "She Loves The Shadows", to a kid's imagination and a creepy "House on the Hill", to remembering your college town in "SLO Town" ends with a prayer and a hopeful note for a "Better New Year" ahead. I hope you enjoy the ride...I know I did. As Steve and I continue to say..."It's All Good!!!"

Pete's song "Fight This Fight (For Life)" was featured at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Billings, Montana in July 2007. Below are some quotes from the Relay Committee:

Pete...It's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. When our committee first heard it a few weeks ago, it brought many to tears.

Below are a couple of emails I received:

Wow, now the tears are streaming down my cheeks. It reminds me so much of my parents -- my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 27 years ago and she and my father fought the fight together for six years before she died and it was truly the two of them together in the battle, day after day.

THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That song is wonderful. I think it's perfect.


Pete's been playing piano since he was seven years old. He began with classical...although he's played in cover bands since he was a kid...most recently with The Last Call Band and Hodgepop. His original music continues to evolve and has been compared to Ben Folds, Billy Joel, etc. It continues to be fresh, new and personal, and confidently spans multiple, folk and light rock.

Pete Morley